FlipHTML5's Distance Teaching Tool Makes On-the-Go Learning Possible

To maintain quality education even without teachers and students being physically present in the classroom is the need of the hour. FlipHTML5 has developed a creative distance teaching tool that aims at helping teachers make learning resources available for students to learn at any time and anywhere.

Hong Kong, China, August 06, 2020 --(PR.com)-- In a bid to facilitate student learning during periods of school closures, FlipHTML5 has timely innovated a powerful distance teaching tool that helps educators create necessary learning resources for students’ self-study. Lack of in-person interactions with teachers, students need learning materials to be more interesting, engaging, and accessible as well. The FlipHTML5 distance teaching tool is catered to that learning need.

The distance teaching tool is capable of converting learning sections in PDF or image formats into online page-flipping books that students can access on their phones, tablets, or computers anytime and anywhere. Not only does FlipHTML5 make sure the accessibility of the learning resources, but it also makes them more engaging and interactive than in their physical forms by including various media to the online books, such as explainer videos, textbook audio, informative images or even fun animations.

“Our focus on simplifying access to education while making it engaging has driven us to come up with our new offering," says Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5. He adds, “Through the packaging features that tailor to the learning needs, FlipHTML5’s distance teaching tool presents viable promises for improving distance learning.”

Apart from stimulating learning interest, FlipHTML5 also comes with a customizable setting for teachers to alter the backgrounds, themes, sizes, colors of the e-textbooks, which empowers teachers to make flexible changes when teaching different subjects or topics. To make it smoother, the distance teaching tool enables users to do revisions, add extra content, or replace another video within the e-book under the same link. Students get updated without receiving a bunch of URLs.

Statistics can be tracked in FlipHTML5’s distance teaching tool to check student engagement using book views, shares, downloads, and average time spent on each digital book. It allows teachers to deliver real-time insights on student engagement and preference checking. Obtaining a fuller view of the e-book performances, teachers have a better understanding of their students and know what content attracts them most, making proper adjustments to their e-books. Consequently, teachers produce more engaging materials that students love to study with, which leads to better learning results.

For more information, please visit https://fliphtml5.com/learning-center/top-8-distance-teaching-tools-to-make-interactive-content-for-teachers-and-students/?utm_source=prcom&utm_medium=PR&utm_campaign=fh5-2020080412

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FlipHTML5 is a one-stop platform for digital publishing and has been providing its software solutions to businesses and institutions globally to create digital magazines, e-brochures, online photo books, e-textbooks, etc.. The effectiveness of FlipHTML5 in digital publishing has also improved its capabilities as a distance teaching tool.
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