Return to Work Safely with SmartCone’s Thermal Monitoring Solutions

No Contact, High Efficiency and Higher Accuracy.

Ottawa, Canada, August 12, 2020 --( Reassure employees and customers of their safety and reduce exposure risks using SmartCone’s Thermal Monitoring solutions as companies return to work with COVID-19. Key features of the Thermal Monitoring system include contact free temperature monitoring, higher accuracy and high efficiency. SmartCone's systems have been tested and won against competitor products by a leading Nuclear corporation to secure a large contract for more than twenty-five facilities.

With two Thermal Monitoring solutions available, SmartCone has the right solution based on the size and needs of businesses.The larger thermal solution system includes a thermal camera paired with a blackbody calibration device for precise detection within .54 degree F accuracy and can handle larger volumes at longer distances. For less volume/smaller facilities a thermal kiosk is available that can be wall mounted or incorporated in a floor stand or turnstile. The Mobile Response Unit provides Thermal System drop off and set up, remote monitoring, and allows companies to count people to enforce building capacity.

Extended functions of the Thermal Monitoring system may include facial recognition software integration to allow for no-contact temperature monitoring, mask detection and alerts, building access control and time of attendance. Software management features include captured images and videos, abnormal temperature and or access alerts, and may be integrated with other systems. The higher accuracy of SmartCone’s thermal monitoring sensors allows temperature detection with a distance range of 0.3-1.8 m and functions efficiently with indoor temperatures between 15°-32°C.

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