Electronica Producer Opens Up to Indie Films

el Humo, Electronica Music Producer, makes catalogue of music available for film projects.

Austin, TX, April 24, 2008 --(PR.com)-- el Humo, electronic music producer best known for tracks like "Red Dot Sally vs the Whole Entire Spidergirl Clan" and "Rumpaphuglie", announced through his record label that he is making certain tracks from his body of work available for indie film projects. In an unprecedented move by nvision Media/streetlevel, el Humo will be allowed to have certain songs available for film work outside of his current agreement with the record label.

Through an interpreter, el Humo said, "I've always enjoyed watching movies, especially foreign films from America, and wanted to be a part of that world. I'm not a movie maker, but feel that my music could live on and on through other outlets like movies. I appreciate that nvision Media/streetlevel is allowing me to do this. They are taking a big risk by allowing me to be in charge of this without their guidence."

el Humo has a loyal following in the electronic music world. Fans have said that his music floats between electronica and pop, to funk and abstract. el Humo is hoping his diverse background will catch the ear of indie film makers all over the world.

Film makers who are looking for music by el Humo can sample tracks at www.Soundclick.com/elhumo, and contact the artist through the website for more information about using tracks in their films. There was no word at press time as to how long or which songs would be available.

nvision Media/streetlevel
Verlen George