DoctorZed Publishing Introduces Reimagining Healthcare Book

Reimagining Healthcare shows how facilities create an enviable healthcare reputation and become preferred health care providers and employers.

Adelaide, Australia, August 15, 2020 --( After being diagnosed with bowel cancer flipping his role from clinician to patient, Dr Douglas Fahlbusch gives a multifaceted perspective on healthcare in Australia and shares the necessary tools needed to reimagine a system that is currently failing its patients and workers.

About the Book

Reimagining Healthcare proposes a new healthcare system that would improve the experience of patients, staff and doctors. The solutions provided would reduce risk, lower cost and positions the industry to adapt to and take advantage of future innovations in service delivery.

-Current issues confronting healthcare
-Why healthcare cost has increased
-Why the existing health model is unsustainable
-Importance of finding purpose in the healthcare experience
-How improving care can reduce risk and cost
-The future of healthcare

“This book will challenge your thinking about the type of behaviours and traits we need to meet the demands facing healthcare. Although we have elements of collaboration, healthcare is still in silos. Now we have the opportunity to create an engaging model of care that can inspire and drive change with true patient centricity, improved patient outcomes, and a healthcare model that is sustainable.” -Mr Arthur Mitsioulis, Managing Director, OPIS HEALTHCARE

About the Author
Dr Douglas Fahlbusch has had a successful career as a specialist anaesthetist, survivor of a life-threatening illness, and founder of a healthcare consultancy. Douglas has spoken nationally and internationally on healthcare delivery and devices. He is an Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor at University of South Australia.

Publication Details
Pub Date: 31/10/2019
RRP: $4.90 – $34.05
ISBN: 9780648536185
Genre: Business, Healthcare, Non-Fiction
Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing
Format: eBook, print
Extent: 200 pages

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