Video-Based Guitar Institute Shatters Projections Using New Innovative Approach for Established Musicians

At a time when the traditional music industry is failing to sustain even very established musicians, Affiliated Artists, LLC has created a successful business model that empowers musicians to interact directly with their fans using a completely new approach. Jimmy Bruno was the first artist to implement this innovative business approach and launched the extremely popular Jimmy Bruno Guitar Institute in May of 2007.

Napa, CA, April 23, 2008 --( Originally designed for 350 students, the Jimmy Bruno Guitar Institute has shattered all earnings projections since opening in May 2007. “The growth has been phenomenal and gratifying”, says Affiliated Artists CEO and JBGI co-founder David Butler. The Internet-based Jimmy Bruno Guitar Institute (JBGI) announces today that it has quadrupled in size, in just the last six months, to over 1350 paying student members. “Now that guitarists know Jimmy Bruno’s unique and effective guitar method is available online, it has spread like wildfire.”

Innovation To Enable Broad Expansion
Empowered by proprietary Affiliated Artists technology that automates the handling of videos, Mr. Bruno interacts continuously with the JBGI student-body. To keep pace with projected growth, this new generation video management system is in the late stages of development at Affiliated Artists, to be deployed later this month. Mr. Butler adds, “The new Student Video Management System will increase JBGI’s capacity to over 4000 students, roughly two years of projected growth.”

Groundbreaking Approach – Hundreds of “Virtual” Master Classes
A large part of the success of the JBGI is the result of jazz guitar master Jimmy Bruno’s “firsthand” interaction with JBGI students. Unlike static online sites, JBGI students receive direct and continuing guidance from Mr. Bruno through video interchanges, which keeps them on track. This interaction is in the form of “Master Classes”, an exchange of videos between students and Mr. Bruno. An added bonus is being able to watch him evaluate hundreds of fellow students via video. This combination brings a depth of knowledge unmatched in any other music instruction approach. There are currently over 450 Master Classes posted on the JBGI, with more added each week.

Jimmy Bruno’s New Worldwide Reach
Although never his intent, Jimmy Bruno may now be the most influential jazz guitar teacher in history, with students from 40 countries around the world under his direct supervision. Additionally, the JBGI student–body includes a large number of guitar teachers, who with Mr. Bruno’s permission and encouragement are in turn teaching Jimmy’s method to their students. Also, guitarists from areas of the world where there is no jazz instruction at all are converging on the JBGI to learn to play jazz correctly from an American jazz master.

Capacity concerns
Rapid communication amongst the close-knit guitar community, as well as open access to Jimmy Bruno has created a very large influx of students to the JBGI. Addressing concerns that the JBGI may be nearing capacity, Mr. Butler said, “It is true that we reduced our advertising while we regrouped, but we are committed to making the JBGI experience very high quality and it will continue to be available to all motivated students until our new technology is maximized.”

A Continuation of New Lesson Materials
Since the JBGI opened its door 10 months ago, the amount of lesson material has gone from around 70 formal lesson videos to well over 500 videos, including hundreds of “Master Classes”, and dozens of educational and entertainment videos. The JBGI recently added an adjunct faculty member, Philadelphia-based blues guitarist Johnny DeFrancesco, who created new JBGI course materials that focus on blues and blues-oriented rock.

The JBGI Sports A New Look
In addition to an under-the-covers technology overhaul, the Jimmy Bruno Guitar Institute has just been given a new look. Designed by Grammy-winning designer Jack Frisch, the new look enhances JBGI’s leading edge music instruction mission and signals yet another phase of continued growth for the Institute.

About the Jimmy Bruno Guitar Institute
The Jimmy Bruno Guitar Institute, a partnership between Jimmy Bruno and Affiliated Artists, LLC., was launched May 22, 2007. It is now one of the most successful music education web sites in history. Find it at

About Jimmy Bruno
Philadelphia-based Jimmy Bruno is considered by many to be one of the most talented jazz guitarists living. Mr. Bruno has released 13 CDs and numerous DVD and educational products. He continues an extensive recording and performance career, appearing on April 16 at the Iridium in New York and Blues Alley in Washington DC, June 12. His most recent CD is the critically acclaimed “Maplewood Avenue.”

About Affiliated Artists, LLC
Founded by David Butler in 2006, Affiliated Artists forms partnerships with leading musicians, offering strategic vision and turnkey technology to create new businesses that monetize their “brands” and generate reliable, recurring revenue streams to augment (and sometimes even surpass) performance and recording revenue.

Patricia Butler, CFO
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Patricia Butler, CFO