New Book by Hans Trujillo: "Never Play With Death"

Adelaide Books announces the release of the novel, "Never Play With Death."

New York, NY, August 17, 2020 --( Adelaide Books is proud to offer the latest work by Hans Trujillo, "Never Play With Death," hitting stores everywhere now.

“An astonishing story where reality and fiction converge, creating a grandiose universe that is unexpected and truly original. Never Play with Death is a literary piece that does not come around very often... Hans captivates the reader and maintains their interest throughout this fantastic journey, where a countryside photographer decides to delve into the dark recesses of death by way of his art. The duel between the photographer and Death at the end of the story is epic, memorable, and totally unexpected.” - Víctor Gaviria. (Award-winning filmmaker)

Hans Trujillo was born in Bogota, Colombia, six days before Neil Armstrong would land his feet on the moon. Since he was a child his parents taught him the love for literature, and at an early age he devoured the immortal works of Homer, Cervantes, Wilde, Alan Poe and Garcia Marquez. His outstanding career has memorable advertising campaigns and audiovisual pieces for a wide array of products, some of which have been awarded prestigious advertising prizes in the United States and Latin America. Never Play With Death is the novel with which Hans Trujillo makes his debut in the literary genre, bursting with a work full of life experiences, anecdotes collected over the years and a very particular charge of imagination that makes his story a fascinating one.

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