Loveforce International Releases Two Blues, a Pop and a Road Map on Finding God

Loveforce International will be releasing three new music singles by Honey Davis, The Godfather of Love and inRchild, and hosting a book giveaway in their honor.

Santa Clarita, CA, August 18, 2020 --( On Friday, August 21st Loveforce International will release three new singles on three different recording artists. Loveforce International will release a Blues song entitled “Battleground” by Honey Davis, “Reaper Blues” a Blues song by The Godfather of Love and “Don’t Cry,” a danceable Pop Song by inRchild. The e-book giveaway will be Finding God in a Chaotic World by The Prophet of Life will be given away worldwide on Amazon Exclusively.

Battleground by Honey Davis is a upbeat boogie Blues song about unrest in the home. It has an upbeat boogie Blues rhythm that guides you through the story. “Reaper Blues” by The Godfather of Love has a fierce, driving Blues rhythm. The song is about The Grim Reaper telling you his story about how he reaps bad people in a way that provides poetic justice.

“Don’t Cry” is a highly danceable pop song by InRchild. It tells the story of someone going through the motions of daily life. Yet it still makes wry observations about the human condition.

The e-book Finding God in a Chaotic World is a road map on how to find God amidst the chaos we live in today. It tells about how God works and how to know when God is communicating with you. It talks about the changes that are coming to our planet and what is causing them. It tells the secret of why God’s will always prevails.

“All three of the songs we are releasing this week have upbeat rhythms yet provide a commentary about domestic unrest, homelessness and death. The book giveaway is about finding God in a chaotic world,”s Said Loveforce International CEO Mark Thomas. “We think this is pretty well on par with this week in the Covid Era.” He continued.

The songs will be available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer, iHeart Radio, Tidal, Google Play, Apple Music, You Tube Music, Napster, Media Net and Net Ease.
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