Arya Peruma, Founder of Coding for Young Minds Community Organization Announces New Free Coding Tutoring Webinars Into the Initiative

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, August 19, 2020 --( Coding for Young Minds is pleased to offer free coding webinars, presented by Arya Peruma for elementary and middle school children to further develop cognitive skills, critical and logical thinking, as well as problem solving skills.

This webinar will teach students how to design and code their own apps, and will familiarize them with coding concepts, which will help them to design their own apps. Participants will do this by learning to set properties in order to change colours, text size, and aspects that contribute to the overall appearance of their apps, and then will learn how to make it interactive, add sound and music, and finally use design mode to add their own creative components.

“I conduct free STEM tutoring webinars to help elementary, middle and high school students learn more about STEM. A variety of free STEM webinars which I conduct helps to break down the financial barrier many students face in pursuing supplemental, private lessons in STEM. As these webinars have been very successful thus far, I plan to continue my STEM initiative by conducting free programing & coding training in September and October 2020 to help elementary and middle school children to learn about coding & programing, which will provide hands on experience, and develop aspects like logical thinking. Through this, I can work towards making my vision of making STEM education more accessible, as well as more inclusive for all,” said Arya Peruma, Founder of Coding for Young Minds Community Organization.

About Coding for Young Minds Community Organization:

Coding for Young Minds is a not for profit community organization based in Ontario, Canada. Our organization aims to bring live complimentary STEM teaching webinars, STEM Blog articles and STEM workshop events to help elementary, middle and high school students in the community to further develop their skills in terms of knowledge regarding subjects related to STEM, and to help them understand fundamental concepts such as Mathematics, Science, Coding, and Engineering.

Our Founder, Arya Peruma is ​passionate about making STEM education more inclusive for the underrepresented. Arya’s mission is to increase STEM accessibility for elementary, middle & high school students with limited opportunity to access STEM education, and simultaneously promote inclusivity within STEM education.
Coding For Young Minds Community Organization
Arya Peruma