HomeHealth24x7 Combats Coronavirus with Wearables and Telemonitoring

Sheridan, WY, August 20, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Patient cohorts with multiple chronic health conditions, and those over 60 are particularly susceptible to influenza and Coronavirus epidemics.

Not only are Home Health Care and Assisted Living Facility patients at increased risk, but those risks are also increased for care providers, and even family members.

According to Simon Censon, CEO of HomeHealth24x7, "One way to reduce the risk is to minimize unnecessary contact between patients and care providers by incorporating Remote Patient Monitoring and Care, plus COVID detecting wearables into the patients care plan."

The tasks of recording vital signs, monitoring care plan adherence, including medication adherence, can be taken over by wearable technology, immediately reducing the risk of exposure to viral and bacterial pathogens to all involved.

HomeHealth24x7connects to standard devices such as smartphones and tablets to provide patient access and receive data from wearables such as heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitors, and smart watches often in use by patients.

Patient data and care plan adherence is monitored by State licensed RN's and feedback is provided to primary care providers, family, and the patient themselves in accordance with care plan guidelines.

To combat the isolation that patients who are restricted to home or a care facility often encounters, the platform provides personal engagement using chat features. Full video consultations are available to check on patient progress.

Using Remote patient Monitoring and Wearables, it is possible to maintain the health and safety of patients, care providers, and the community, without reducing the quality of care your patients have come to expect, and deserve.
Simon Censon