HomeHealth24x7 Combats Coronavirus with Wearables and Telemonitoring

Patient cohorts with multiple chronic health conditions, and those over 60 are particularly susceptible to influenza and Coronavirus epidemics. Not only are Home Health Care and Assisted Living Facility patients at increased risk, but those risks are also increased for care providers, and even... - August 20, 2020

HomeHealth24x7® Offers Hospital at Home Care

More than 20 years ago, the first randomized controlled trial comparing acute care at home versus treatment in an acute care hospital found no major outcome differences for their conditions, with most patients and caregivers preferring home hospital care. - December 28, 2019

Updated Low Cost Senior Care Franchise Model from HomeHealth24x7®

Senior Care franchises tend to follow a very similar delivery model. A rather large up front franchise fee, then high royalty fees and ongoing service fees for the life of the business. - September 29, 2017

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