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Interfacing LIMS and Sample Tracking with Automated Laboratory Systems

Get accurate and effective tracking and management of medical, scientific or food samples through the laboratory.

Berkshire, United Kingdom, April 23, 2008 --( To maximize efficiency and reduce costs LIMS needs to communicate seamlessly with laboratory processes. Autoscribe works closely with Aitken Scientific to create "a LIMS-lab pact" - a universal system that can work for every lab.

Instrument Integration and Machine Control Software

Aitken Scientific have years of experience integrating laboratory instruments together and controlling automated machinery. Their unified approach to Sample Tracking / LIMS and instrument integration and machine control is to look for the simplest and most robust design. Simpler systems can often be controlled directly through their connection media (like RS232, ethernet/TCP or custom I/O cards), more complicated automated systems often need to be controlled via the manufacturers software to make best use of the available functionality.

Working closely with Autoscribe, Aitken Scientific can fully integrate laboratory equipment to provide a fully integrated LIMS or Sample Tracking solution.

Aitken Scientific's and Autoscribe's design process includes a detailed analysis of the user requirements and the hardware required. By incorporating software components from an extensive scientific software library, extremely reliable, cost effective systems can be produced in a short time period.

For a fully integrated system, Aitken Scientific can provide custom benches, electrical subsystems, pneumatics and custom metalwork to bring the entire system together. The integrated system can include:

Barcode scanners
Cameras & vision systems
Liquid handlers, including Gilson™ and Tecan™
Microtitre plate readers
HPLC systems, including Agilent™, Gilson™ and Waters™
Industrial robots including Kawasaki™, Staubli™ and Epson™
Plate stackers
Pumping systems

For the latest tools to provide statistical information on the quality of your manufacturing process contact them to discuss the Aitken Scientific's Skyline application.

Benefits of working with Autoscribe and Aitken Scientific

Dramatic improvements in throughput and lab technicians’ time and efficiency. Associated enhancements in accuracy and quality of sample results for down stream business processes. Significant reductions in manual intervention and manual/duplicated transcription of data, leading to dramatic improvement in lab technician job satisfaction.

The solution will connect Autoscribe's Matrix Gemini LIMS or Sample Tracking solution to whichever lab management process has been adopted to delivering a customised solution, regardless of the type of source machines.

Autoscribe and Aitken-Scientific can also help with the integration of 3rd party LIMS solutions with lab management processes and instrumentation.

This is a particularly beneficial application for CROs and the food industry where every sample has to be tested for quality standards reporting to regulatory bodies.

To find out how Autoscribe and Aitken-Scientific can help provide a Sample Tracking or LIMS interface to existing instrumentation please eMail:

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