Teleradiología de Colombia Partners with Oxipit for Chest X-Ray AI Diagnostics

Teleradiologia de Colombia, a leading diagnostic imaging services provider in Latin America, is rolling out Oxipit AI solutions across its network. Oxipit AI suite will produce preliminary chest X-Ray reports and identify healthy patient images with no abnormalities, augmenting radiologist productivity and improving radiologist workflow. It marks the first Oxipit deployment in Colombia with more announcements in Latin America coming soon.

Vilnius, Lithuania, August 26, 2020 --( Teleradiología de Colombia is the largest teleradiology services provider in Colombia, with leading healthcare groups in its client portfolio. The company is part of ATRYS medical group. ATRYS radiology units report on more than one million imaging cases per year and employ more than 100 radiology specialists.

“Innovations are at the core of Teleradiologia de Colombia mission to deliver precision medicine to the patients. We strive to provide top medical specialists with cutting edge technological tools to improve their work routine,” said Director of Innovation at Teleradiologia de Colombia Dr José Hernando Morales.

Prior to the rollout Oxipit AI solutions underwent thorough testing and received very positive feedback from company’s radiologists. Oxipit made certain tweaks to the performance of its AI suite to better fit specialist Teleradiologia de Colombia requirements.

“We highly encourage all our clients to ‘try before you buy’ – evaluate the performance of AI tools on their own data and under realistic workflow conditions. Only in this way we can maximize the productivity gains for the radiologists who will be the daily end users of AI applications. We were very encouraged by the radiologist feedback from Teleradiología de Colombia and are delighted to work with such a forward-looking, innovation driven partner,” said CEO of Oxipit Gediminas Peksys.

This marks the first Oxipit AI software deployment in Colombia. More deployments in the LATAM region are soon to follow.

“Latin America presents a growing diagnostic imaging market with a high focus on innovations and efficiency,” added Mr Peksys.

Oxipit ChestEye AI imaging suite provides preliminary reports for 75 radiological findings. The platform also identifies healthy patient scans featuring no abnormalities with high certainty. Oxipit ChestEye recently received medical device certification in Australia. It was granted a CE mark in 2019.
Gediminas Peksys