Alaska Trip Stopped by COVID Leads to Unique Business Venture: Nowhere Gear

Austin, TX, August 27, 2020 --( Nowhere Gear Brings Military Grade Technology to Public.

Three friends were planning an epic adventure, riding motorcycles from the tip of Texas along the Gulf of Mexico to Prudhoe Bay at the top of America. They had plotted a route to include long segments of the unpaved Trans America Trail. But connectivity was limited on the remote reaches of their 10,000-mile round trip, and that was a problem.

“We just wanted to have a wilderness and motorcycle experience and share it with our families and friends, a first-person view of the ‘last frontier,’” said Chris Greta, a motorcyclist and Austin advertising executive. "We also had a few work obligations. But there just wasn’t any reliable connectivity in the great out yonder. And then, of course, COVID hit.”

There was nothing they could do about the pandemic closing the Canadian border. But Ryan Surber, one of the Alaska adventurers, had been working with high-end, ruggedized, military grade communications technology, and figured he could help the adventurers get the right tech to keep their trip connected. The riders assumed, if they had use for that type of technology, there was likely a market that was not being served with the advanced products. And that led them to the creation of a startup company called Nowhere Gear.

“I had been selling this durable and reliable technology to first responders, police, fire, rescue, and all types of critical services,” said Surber, a co-founder of Nowhere Gear and motorcyclist. “Why shouldn’t regular folks have greater access to these products? Most would really only need to buy one of these items once because they last and have enough power and functionality that private users may never need to upgrade.”

The Des Moines and Austin, Texas-based Nowhere Gear is focused on serving the increasing number of people moving to “out office,” as a consequence of the pandemic, going off grid, or seeking adventures in nature. The full range of products includes ruggedized laptops, tablets, enterprise-class wireless routers, high-gain antennas, signal boosters, drones, hydration and temperature control vests, and outdoor highdefinition video screens. Available brands include Panasonic, Getac, Sierra Wireless, Peplink, Nextivity, DJI, Furrion, and Airgain.

Nowhere Gear’s founders have decades of experience in international travel and technology use cases. offers tales of their adventures, recommended travel routes, and expert tech advice utilizing their collective talents in sales, marketing, media and journalism.

About: Nowhere Gear is a confluence of experiences, expertise, and business connections that turned into a company to make available to the public the most dependable, state-of-the art technology in the world.

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