Predicts a 76.3% Chance of a Joe Biden/Kamala Harris Victory

An independent analysis of the 2020 Presidential Election. Who Will Win on November 3?

San Diego, CA, August 28, 2020 --( As of today, the the website is updated to include the latest polling, analysis, and favorability ratings for the Presidential Candidates. There is no significant Convention Bump for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, however the trend is steady and tilting slightly upwards. Analysis indicates a vast majority of negative opinion has already polarized voters, even within the elusive Independent Voters.

Likewise, the back-to-back nature of the Democratic and Republican Conventions will negate any significant bump for both Parties, unless significant events happen at the end of this week.

Both candidates have maintained negative approval ratings, however Trump is struggling with an approval averaging 40% and Biden slightly higher at 42%. More analysis is available at the website.

They are confident in the current prediction and have indicated on the site as of today - a 76.3% chance of victory for Joe Biden/Kamala Harris. This is up slightly from the most recent analysis on August 4, when the prediction showed a 74.9% chance of victory for Joe Biden.

The official stance today is: “The Race is: Tipping Slightly Towards Joe Biden”

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Robert Martindale