Mark Leonetti Releases His Fictional Work, "GOD - Aliens & Government"

A fictional work providing a plausible explanation and exposure of a secret program known as the GAG Project after a coming Biblical event becomes the cornerstone to a new society, at which time a new deception is unleashed.

Mark Leonetti Releases His Fictional Work, "GOD - Aliens & Government"
Rachel, NV, September 01, 2020 --( According to the author, Mark Leonetti: "Because the Deep-State operates with unlimited budgets and complete secrecy, I created a brand new story that takes you into the world of Area-51 and into the life of a female, known as a Hulien (a cross-bred alien with a human). Why is she there and what purpose does she serve?"

Description of Book:

The US Government has technology that, in some estimations, is fifty-years advanced from anything the civil population has been exposed to, making fake news and story-line agendas believable.

It is up to a DOD contractor to determine if she is really a cross-bred alien as presented, or a subject of expert psychological manipulation. Confirmation, either way, presents many more questions and critical decisions for the contractor.

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Author: Mark Leonetti
Title: GOD - Aliens & Government
Genre: Fictional
Pages: 441
Mark Leonetti