New Book by Christine D. King: "What Didn't Happen"

Adelaide Books announces the release of the memoir, "What Didn't Happen."

New York, NY, August 31, 2020 --( Adelaide Books is proud to offer the latest work by Christine D. King, "What Didn't Happen," hitting stores everywhere now.

"If anyone tried to stop me after the first concussion, I would have protested with my life. Horses, riding, and competing were the young addiction of my seven-year-old self. Had someone said falling off your pony again and again and again at such a young age or at any age would lead to a spiraling world of mental illness and puzzling misdiagnosis leaving me trapped in my own mind, disconnected and isolated from contact, and dangerously seeking relatedness, I would have scrappily fought. But that’s not how it happened. No one stopped me. Three consecutive concussions at age seven were ignored by a medical community not yet aware of the long-term consequences of head injuries in children. In the years that followed, plagued by memory deficits, depression, anxiety, headaches, vertigo. The most debilitating sequelae was a profound disconnection from other people. Entombed in a fog of confusion I scrambled to cover my symptoms, to function, and to act 'normal' at all costs. Not knowing any other way I was suspicious of something being wrong, but I didn’t have the words or context for what that something was and I forged blindly ahead." - Christine

Christine D. King is a married mother of two children, two dogs, two rabbits and two birds. When not serving as her children’s personal Uber, she plays bikes. A lifelong interest in road biking has shifted a fervor for track cycle racing, which involves adrenaline and a unique kind of bike that has no brakes, one gear, fast speeds, close contact, and is mainly only raced in a velodrome.

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