Radlett Residents Launch Racial Equality Group

Radlett locals set up "Radlett Action for Racial Equality" (RARE) to stamp out racism in their village and amongst their wider professional spheres.

Radlett, United Kingdom, September 15, 2020 --(PR.com)-- “Police violence against black people must stop,” say a group of residents from Radlett, Herts.

They were so concerned and enraged following the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent global protests led by Black Lives Matter activists that they set up Radlett Action for Racial Equality (RARE) to stamp out racism in their village and amongst their wider professional spheres. They intend that RARE will help strengthen bonds between people of all races, ethnicities and religions.

The murder of George Floyd on 25 May 2020 at the hands of police in Minneapolis, USA was brutal and sent shock waves throughout the world. It sparked a global protest against police violence towards black people and led to a revived anti-racism movement.

"Black Lives Matter" became a slogan that dominated news cycles for weeks, as activists campaigned to dismantle systemic racism and injustice in their communities and wider society.

Caroline Newman, co-founder of RARE said, “I was at the protest in June 2020 when over 100 people turned out to 'take a knee' on Radlett High Street and many motorists tooted in support of the protesters. I was surprised yet happy that people cared enough to come and show support for a cause which was peripheral to their everyday lives. It was apparent that the Village had the desire to play its part in obtaining a fairer society.”

About Radlett?

Radlett is a small affluent village in Hertfordshire, England with a population of some 8,500.

About RARE

Our Mission: To help educate the local community on both the historic and current struggles of Black and ethnic minority people. We aim to provide the impetus for the celebration and encouragement of diversity in the public, private and professional spheres of our community.

RARE will hold regular and accessible activities in its community and online to foster greater understanding and better relations between all its people.

RARE comprises people from all backgrounds and welcomes all supporters and anyone who wants to end systemic inequality.

RARE’s Aims:

To promote education on the history and current persecution and discrimination of black and minority ethnic people.

To spread awareness amongst the Hertfordshire community of the welfare of black and ethnic minority people around the world and specifically in the UK.

To help strengthen and form relations and solidarity between different ethnicities and religions in our community.

To recognise and celebrate all cultures within our community.

To work with and affiliate with organisations who are actively anti-racist and promote racial equality.

To recognise the wealth and privilege within our own local community and encourage donations and other forms of activism where possible.

The Group members recognise that they have wealth and privilege in certain communities. They therefore intend to utilise the various privileges to engage in meaningful and impactful change.

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