Parents in Disagreement with New School Requirements Turn to Homeschooling, a division of The Old Schoolhouse®, sees a sudden influx of members.

Gray, TN, September 05, 2020 --( Virginia Commissioner of Health Dr. Norman Oliver revealed in a recent interview that he plans to impose a coronavirus vaccine mandate for his state. "I think the overwhelmingly (sic) majority of people would, in fact, respond well," Oliver stated (Fox News). Though vaccines are on the forefront of the general population’s mind, not everyone is convinced that those running Operation Warp Speed, whose goal is to provide a COVID-19 vaccine in record time, will provide a safe vaccine. When the varicella (chicken pox) and HPV vaccines were introduced over the past couple of decades, many parents who generally stuck to the CDC’s schedule of vaccinations started raising their eyebrows. Questions arose about the safety and legitimacy of such vaccines. Now with a COVID-19 vaccine in the works, even more parents are beginning to second guess allowing doctors to administer every vaccine that the CDC recommends to their children.

As states begin to see how compliant their constituents have been throughout the pandemic with enforcements being put in place such as mandatory masks, shuttering schools, closing churches, and even threatening businesses that refuse to close down, it is no surprise that they believe as Dr. Oliver does. Massachusetts is even going as far as requiring mandatory flu vaccines in order to attend school. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health said in a statement that students must receive a flu vaccine by December 31, 2020, or they will not be allowed to attend their schools any longer. The statement also mentioned that homeschooled students are exempt, causing families who have never looked at homeschooling before to take a closer look (

Thousands of parents are flocking to online-based education that is not funded by the public education system so they can continue to remain in control of their children’s welfare since some states such as Texas are requiring every child to have every required vaccine even if they are doing their public schooling virtually. Fortunately, parents have options. Gena Suarez, publisher of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine reflects on the tremendous growth of her homeschooling platform, “This is always a busy time of year for our company, but this year our numbers of new members coming in have tripled compared to this time last year. We look forward to helping families new to homeschooling and will be with them every step of the way.”

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