Encrypted Messaging App CoverMe Downloads Spike Amid WeChat’s Security Concerns

San Jose, CA, September 07, 2020 --(PR.com)-- According to an online privacy-related Pew report, 81% of the public say that the potential risks they face because of data collection by companies outweigh the benefits, and 66% say the same about government data collection. At the same time, a majority of Americans report being concerned about the way their data is being used by companies (79%) or the government (64%).

CoverMe, an encrypted messenger app, has seen a 10% increase in app downloads and usage on a week-by-week basis. CoverMe’s analysts see this uptrend as a market reaction to WeChat ban issues and security concerns.

In August 2020, President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning transactions with WeChat, the messaging app owned by Chinese internet giant Tencent that is ubiquitous in China, citing national security concerns.

WeChat is one of the most used popular social media applications in China and other countries. Tencent, a parent company of WeChat, is one of the most valuable technology companies in the world. Since 2011, this app has added many new features from a messaging app to an all-in-one super portal, with more than 900 million monthly active users.

As a result of WeChat has no end-to-end encryption by default, security-related concerns have been raised frequently about WeChat. The absence of end-to-end encryption means that all chats and user information are saved on WeChat’s servers, and are confronted with threats that may compromise users’ data privacy. While WeChat only encrypts information from the users’ device to the server of WeChat, CoverMe is designed to focus on data privacy and online security.

Users of CoverMe can get phone numbers as second lines to hide their primary number for anonymous secret text and call. These phone numbers with various area codes are perfectly suited for business, personal or any other scenarios that demand privacy. Whenever required, users can change their disposable phone numbers. Most Importantly, CoverMe restricts all third parties from accessing the data with its military-grade end-to-end encryption of user messages.

“Past few years have witnessed increasing concerns of privacy issues related to popular messaging apps,” stated a spokesperson of CoverMe. “We are committed to protecting users’ sensitive data and help them regain privacy without any worries.”

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CoverMe was founded in 2012 in San Jose, California. CoverMe is dedicated to offering mobile security for all smartphone users. CoverMe develops mobile apps and cloud services to enhance the privacy and security of smartphone users and to protect private information stored on smartphones.
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