New Discovered Talented Music Producer "BeatsbyShackles" from Nigeria

BeatsbyShackles, an 18 year old Electronic Dance Music Producer from Nigeria.

Lagos, Nigeria, September 09, 2020 --( BeatsbyShackles is an 18 year old Electronic Dance Music Producer from Nigeria. He has been inspired by Pop, EDM and Hip-Hop Producers. Beatsbyshackles has similar sounds to Kygo, Lost Frequencies and Sam Feldt. BeatsbyShackles started his musical journey in 2019 after his 17th birthday.

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BeatsbyShackles is currently the youngest music producer in Nigeria and he looks forward to being the best at what he does and standing out with different/unique music that everyone would love and will consistently ask for. He has been creating music for a year and has vowed never to give up on that. BeatsbyShackles is almost an all genre producer wishing to explore and create more genres which could suit anyone in the world. BeatsbyShackles is known for his anonymous appearances like some other DJs and producers. Listen to his latest single "Alien" on all music streaming platforms.
Okoye Franklin Kenechukwu