Blessings4Ever: Together Through Life's Transitions

Blessings4Ever Rebrands, Refocuses, and Strives to Make Impact

Philadelphia, PA, September 11, 2020 --( Blessings4Ever has rebranded, refocused and is ready to make impact in the home care industry in Philadelphia.

Blessings4Ever has launched their new brand, along with new services, to make an impact in the home care industry in the Greater Philadelphia Region.

Started in 2014, Blessings4Ever began offering comprehensive and professional home care services to communities in the Philadelphia area. Within a short span of time, they had acquired over 1,000 consumers. In a sense, the Philadelphia-based business is a city success story.

In the past they have been known as "Compassionate Care You Can Trust" and "Home Care with Heart." But the pandemic has given them time to refocus and rethink their purpose so that they can take their mission and their vision to the next level. Oftentimes in the life-cycle of a business, leaders and management have to assess the core principles of the company and ask hard questions: What do we need to change? Who are we? Who are we becoming? Where are we going? Why do we do what we do?

For Blessings4Ever, this process was enhanced by a pandemic that exposed the vulnerability of our healthcare system, and the need for stable and quality in-home care services. The transition has come at a moment that they felt couldn't have been better timed. The world of healthcare is talking about how they can enhance transitional care, and this is exactly what the owners of Blessings4Ever have always wanted to offer: a dynamic and comprehensive suite of healthcare services including in-home care, nursing, and education. Enter Blessings4Ever's new motto: Together Through Life's Transitions.

In a letter sent out to employees, the owners and management wrote: "Together Through Life’s Transitions is at the root of Blessings4Ever’s focus to better help our patients succeed.  Some of these services will be tailored exclusively for patients who are transitioning from a prescribed level of care to an elevated level of medical care.  Our goal is to partner with our patients to provide strategic and innovative solutions they can trust. Vital keys include telehealth remote monitoring, promotion of health and wellness programs, life-enriching opportunities, viable technological applications, and safety protocols."

Blessings4Ever's mission is to improve the health of their patients with a commitment to excellence in the care they provide and to exceed patient expectations by providing quality premium services and continuity of care through life’s transitions. Their mission is really at the core of what they seek to accomplish in the region.

But what about the future? Where does Blessings4Ever see itself going? According to a representative, their vision is to "become a leader in providing life’s transitions that inspires the promotion of health and wholeness of the aging and disabled in the communities they serve."

How did all of this come about? Surprisingly, it didn't come from a marketing company or branding came from within the company itself. Through team meetings, discussion, and assessment, we realized that where they wanted to go as a company required a new brand.

Blessings4Ever management and leaders worked together to develop the new brand. The project is really a reflection of the hearts and minds of the management team and their owners. But this is just the beginning. Blessings4Ever is now looking to make a huge impact in the regional home care industry as they expand their services.

Blessings4Ever offers services such as waiver home care services, in-home private duty services, and more. If are interested in receiving services and learning more, call Blessings4Ever at (215) 425-3950.
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