Ruby Protective Apparel Launches Innovative Line of Clothing Products to Address Growing Concerns Over Virus Transmission in the Heath Care Industry

Las Vegas, NV, September 16, 2020 --( Ruby Protective Apparel introduced its new line of women’s underscrubs and compression socks, representing a massive leap forward in wearable antimicrobial protection. Unlike current industry offerings using a coating process that only lasts up to 50 washes before the protection wears out, Ruby Protective Apparel is made with silver-ion technology that is actually woven directly into the fabric. This results in permanent antimicrobial protection for up to 200 washes.

Designed by a nurse, the Ruby Protective Apparel line was created for maximum functionality for women in real world conditions. “I knew that all the antimicrobial protection in the world wouldn’t matter if the clothing was uncomfortable,” says Emily Todd, acute care nurse and owner of Ruby Protective Apparel. “The last thing health care providers should have to worry about during a shift is how their clothes fit.” Product testing in hospitals and operating rooms to ensure every feature served a purpose resulted in an underscrub with seam lines that don’t constrict movement and length that ensures complete coverage through a full range of motion.

The same functional considerations went into the engineering of its compression socks. Todd explains, “Healthcare professionals like nurses, for example, are on their feet for upwards of 13 hours a day. There is really no point of a compression sock that makes your feet sore and sweaty after only a couple of hours.” Designed with no seams and alternating construction for leg and foot zones, the compression socks provide 15-20 mmHg of uniform compression without sacrificing all day comfort. Silver-ion antimicrobial technology eliminates foot odor.

First impressions of the Ruby Protective Apparel product line have been overwhelmingly positive:

"Ruby compression socks are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn! The material is lightweight, very easy to put on and take off, perfect reinforced heel for added comfort, does not compress your toes and does not roll down. The color combinations are so fun and sassy that I’ve gotten many compliments on my socks.” ⁠
- Kimberly A. RN BSN, OR Nurse⁠

“The Dom Perignon of compression socks.”
- Shari H., raving fan

“I love Ruby’s underscrubs. They are super comfortable and feel like a hug! I love that they give me an added layer of antimicrobial defense against the diseases that I’m helping my patients fight on a daily basis.”
- Brittani A., BSN RN, med-surg nurse

While the Ruby product line is for women, the company is currently in development of men’s line. The underscrub comes in arctic white and retails for $65.00. The compression socks come in 4 colorways: the Chaos, the Atlantis, the Ruby, and the Rainbow (retailing for $25.00). Additional colors for the underscrub and compression socks are expected in 2021. For more information about Ruby Protective Apparel’s new antimicrobial line of clothing visit

About Ruby Protective Apparel
Ruby is a woman-owned company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ruby provides high-quality clothing and accessories that have been designed with the rigors of healthcare in mind. Its products allow female healthcare practitioners to express themselves, enhance their strength and confidence, and help them get the job done.
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