ExcelRT Cloud Runs Spreadsheet Apps in a Computer or Mobile Web Browser

Excel Software announced the ExcelRT Cloud service to host developer Apps in the Cloud. Create spreadsheet based App with ExcelRT Builder on Mac or Windows, then upload to cloud and run in a Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Opera or IE browser from virtually any computer, tablet or phone.

Henderson, NV, September 17, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Excel Software announced the ExcelRT Cloud service to host developer Apps in the Cloud. Each developer gets a private application server to define apps and user accounts. ExcelRT Cloud Apps can run in a Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Opera or IE browser from virtually any computer, tablet or phone.

An App is developed and tested with ExcelRT Builder on a Mac or Windows computer using spreadsheet authoring and scripting command skills. When running an App in the browser, the user experience is similiar to a desktop application. Few developer changes are needed in an ExcelRT file to create a cloud application since formulas, formatting, events and most script commands are cross platform.

An App user can create and manage workbook files, open and switch between workbook sheets, present dialogs or use common button, popup menu, radio button, checkbox or other controls. The user can read and write files in their cloud account, an Internet website or upload and download files to their local computer or mobile device.

ExcelRT Cloud supports common spreadsheet features with workbooks up to 15 sheets and 999 rows or columns per sheet. Familiar features include cell data and style formats, entry validation rules, cell borders, background color, pattern and icons, conditional formatting, tables, sheet filters, images, hyperlinks and hundreds of formula functions. Both Microsoft Excel style form controls and in-cell controls are supported. Show or hide sheets, columns, rows, scrollbars or gridlines during design or with runtime script commands.

ExcelRT Cloud has scripting commands for file I/O, interactive user controls, dialogs and progress indicators. The scripting engine has commands to generate reports, present custom dialogs, manipulate variables, strings and cell data, add conditional logic, loops, math and subroutines, read and write Internet data or manipulate images. ExcelRT supports multiple CSV memory structures with commands to load, save, view, search, sort and manage CSV data to and from a file, Internet source or cells in a workbook.

ExcelRT Cloud supports a Plugins folder that may contain images, videos, sound, CSV, HTML, text or other files types used in a workbook or shared betweens Apps running in the same user account.

A developer can customize the user experience of their Apps starting from the login screen. After logging into an App, a customized file manager screen allows the user to create and manage workbooks, enter common settings data shared across workbooks, provide feedback to the developer or access the developer website. With a linked Cloud Sharing account, the user can share files with other user accounts or desktop applications.

A developer can setup multiple Apps and User accounts each assigned to one or more Apps from an online Vendor account. A batch of user accounts can be created with one command or imported from a CSV file. User accounts can be created or assigned to new Apps using an automated purchase process implemented by the online Safe Activation service. A customer can purchase an online subscription for an App, receive log in credentials, pay with a periodic credit card charge and later cancel the App subscription without developer involvement.

ExcelRT includes a User Guide with tutorials, sample projects and dozens of demonstration videos that cover all aspects of ExcelRT Builder, user licensing and deployment or developer created Apps. An ExcelRT developer subscription is $295/annual or $25/month. An ExcelRT Cloud account is available for a monthly hosting fee based on the number of Apps, Users and maximum supported App size starting at $20/month.

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