Puhff Reusable Face Masks Help Protect Individuals from Pollution

As air pollution gets worse, reusable face masks are the best tool we have available to us. Puhff is doing their best to provide great masks.

Los Angeles, CA, September 17, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Bad air quality affects Americans across the state. Whether it be from pollution, fires, or allergens, the air quality is going down. Most environments people live in have poor air quality. In fact 50% of Americans live in an area rated an F for poor air quality, according to the American Lung Association. Reusable face masks are a good way to protect yourself from these conditions.

Pollution and subsequent consequences of poor air quality are a problem nationwide and affect millions of Americans daily. Being exposed to these kinds of conditions affects physical health and can make preexisting conditions worse. Furthermore, the World Health Association estimates that poor air quality has caused 7 million premature deaths.

Why Reusable Masks Are Best Tool To Breathe Cleaner Air
While reusable face masks may have become the norm to protect against airborne pathogens and germs, they are in fact our best weapon against air pollution. Companies like Bella+Canvas, Universal Thread, and Puhff Mask and Accessories all carry great reusable options. For instance, Puhff carries two different kinds of reusable masks, one with a changeable filter, the other is machine washable. These are the perfect tools for everyone to create a cleaner breathing experience.

These masks often stop particles from reaching you and your lungs. Moreover, those with filters or copper ions, ca more fully neutralize germs and bacteria. It provides the extra protection needed by many Americans. Lastly, air quality can also affect children negatively. Pollution and smog can lead to asthma, a lifelong condition. To help protect against that, Puhff carries masks specifically for children. These are smaller and made to fit most face shapes.

Overall masks are an important tool for all Americans right now. As the world and this country experiences some of the worst air conditions in history, it's important to be prepared with tools that keep us and our loved ones safe.
Blair Jones