Greenshine New Energy Develops and Publishes the Most Authoritative Solar Lighting Guide Yet

Greenshine New Energy has released a one-stop document that guides the reader through everything they need to know about commercial solar lighting.

Lake Forest, CA, September 19, 2020 --( Greenshine New Energy is proud to publish and offer an unbiased solar lighting guide that combines top advice from several solar lighting engineers and experts. Over the course of several weeks, the team collaborated in meetings to structure, research, develop, draft, and finalize an extensive document that explains in detail how anyone with an interest in commercial solar lighting can pick a proper lighting manufacturer that produces quality products.

"This represents our best effort in producing material for anyone to use," said Scott Douglas, President of Greenshine New Energy. "It took several weeks, but eventually the Greenshine team was able to produce a web-accessible document that shows potential solar lighting buyers what to look for when it comes to quality. A lot of manufacturers offer poor-quality lights that won't operate very well or last very long, so we wanted to serve the public by showing them how to recognize quality."

This was a challenging project for the team since collaboration was held online due to COVID-19, but the team overcame remote challenges and were happy with the results.

The guide covers topics such as what commercial solar lighting is, the applications for solar lighting, components, kinds of fixtures, economic benefits, and how to tell the difference between good quality products and products you should avoid. It’s a 75-page PDF with chapters for easy navigation and plenty of example pictures that show off the details of each component, whether large or small.

If you’re considering commercial solar lights for your next lighting project, or if you just want to learn how solar lighting works in general, feel free to navigate to the guide page ( or download the PDF ( The PDF is more extensive than the web version, but both are fantastic.

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