Shincheonji Organizes 300K Christians Around the World for a Virtual Prayer to End COVID-19

On Sept. 16, over 300,000 Christians across the globe gathered online to call for religious unity and to pray “in one heart” to find a cure for COVID-19. A “Prayer Board” has been created where users can privately submit their prayers in their native language.

Chicago, IL, September 19, 2020 --( September 16, 2020 is forever commemorated as the international day of prayer for over 300,000 people who joined in prayer for a cure for COVID-19.

As the world reels from nearly 30 million COVID-19 cases and 939,000 deaths to-date, many are turning to religion as the remedy.

Along with dealing with COVID-19, people are suffering in different ways around the world. In Lebanon, citizens are still recovering from a horrendous blast that killed hundreds. In Hong Kong, nationals are begging for their freedom back from a communist regime. This week the United States, with the highest cases and COVID-19 deaths, is dealing with violent tropical storms in the south and wildfires that have burned millions of acres in the west. Many countries are facing famine, and dramatic economic decline is being felt by every developed nation.

In response, a group comprised of Christians from Chicago, LA, Atlanta and as far as Daegu, Korea and Ethiopia organized a special prayer service to ask God to heal the world.

More than 200 Christians in Chicago gathered online at 7:00 pm and initiated four prayers for about an hour. They were joined by Christians in several countries that all prayed wearing masks to show consciousness towards those on the front lines treating COVID-19 and researching a cure, and wearing white to show respect to those who have paid the ultimate price with their lives.

The prayer meeting ended with poignant words from the speaker, "Let us overcome the world with a healthy faith which is of greater worth than gold. Our faith, which is a gift to us, can help us overcome all things during this time of tribulation. Therefore let us never stop persevering with the Word, and faith.”

The group wants to continue the prayers worldwide this month and they have created a Prayer Board they’re sending to friends and family. A simple list allows visitors to select which prayer they want to send and add a personal prayer in their language.

The group is setting the ambitious goal of having 1 million users submit a prayer. They invite the global community from all backgrounds and religions to submit a private prayer to the Prayer Board. Someone will reply back with a prayer.

Visit the Prayer Board Submission page:

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