ValueCoders Leverages AR/VR App to Thrive Customer’s Engagement for Retail World

The exclusiveness of AR/VR to retail is secondary to none. It is transforming the retail industry with unprecedented success. ValueCoders LLC is going one step further by bringing an AR/VR app in the retail world post-COVID outbreak. It is aimed at creating a virtual sense of excitement with added sophistication, AR &VR is an amalgamation in retail to ignite users’ interest and a spike in revenues.

Gurugram, India, September 24, 2020 --( ValueCoders LLC Ltd. is going one step further with one another mesmerizing digital marketing stuff in retail? Thinking retail is the driving force in today’s time. The extensive case studies & research is the key to bringing a specialized retail marketing solution.

According to a Goldman Sachs report, AR/VR retail software revenue expects to reach $1.6 billion by 2025.

Features, including virtual senses, are critical in the enhancement of both real & virtual experience. It helps companies to put a stronghold with innovation and sheer dedication to benefit the digital marketing world.

AR/VR is earmarked to enhance the outlook of a brick-and-mortar business.

Amit Jain, Managing Director of L’Oreal India, says, AR/VR will turn into a beauty tech. At the APP Solutions, he says, the way online customers look for products at a store is changing; AR and VR solutions are pushing the brand of the retail industry.

As for this industry, these are following solutions that can be implemented:

VR Training Simulator - In the healthcare industry, this is very much in practice. Furthermore, it can be applied in less specific areas like makeup studios to help beginners master the art.

VR Shopping – The growing demand for tech-savvy solutions already making Virtual Reality shopping a massive hit. It creates a shopping experience at a store for physically challenged or older adults.

AR Shopping Consultant – Globalization of smartphones entails vital advantage. Additionally, companies are harnessing the penetration of smartphones to their advantage. AR solutions can solve the problem of short-staffed stores.

About ValueCoders:

ValueCoders is a leading software development company with a global presence to push for excellence continuously. The Company is completing 15 successful years, with more than 4200 projects delivered. It is exclusive in developing AR/VR apps for the competitive retail world. It develops versatile AR/VR apps at economical prices.
Ved Raj