"KILLING WOMEN: The True Story of Serial Killer Don Miller’s Reign of Terror" by Rod Sadler

Will A Serial Killer Soon Walk The Streets Again? Don Miller was quiet and reserved. As a former youth pastor, he seemed a devout Christian. No one would have ever suspected that he was a serial killer. Read about Miller’s crimes, the “justice” meted out, the controversial plea bargain, and Miller’s impending freedom in "Killing Women" by Rod Sadler.

Lansing, MI, September 22, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Don Miller was quiet and reserved. As a former youth pastor, he seemed a devout Christian. No one would have ever suspected that the recent graduate of the Michigan State University School of Criminal Justice was a serial killer.

However, when Miller was arrested for the attempted murder of two teenagers in 1978, police quickly realized he was probably responsible for the disappearances of four women. Offered a still-controversial plea bargain, he led police to the bodies of the missing women.

Now, after forty years in prison, Miller has served his time and is due to be released into an unsuspecting population. In "KILLING WOMEN," author Rodney Sadler examines the crimes, the “justice” meted out, and the impending freedom of a man nationally renowned psychiatrist Dr. Frank Ochberg wrote:

“...is a member of a small, deadly, dangerous population: murderers who stalk, capture, torture and kill; murderers who derive sexual and narcissistic gratification from their predation; murderers who maintain a ‘mask of sanity’ appearing normal and harmless.”

Rod Sadler is a decorated police officer, whose ability to document Michigan serial killer Don Miller’s case comes from a unique law enforcement perspective. For his entire thirty years in law enforcement, Sadler fostered relationships with many of the key people involved in the investigation, prosecution and the defense of serial killer Don Miller. Those people include acquaintances of the killer, police officers, detectives, prosecuting attorneys, judges and even the killer’s own attorney.

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