Humane Society of Utah Uses a Medical Laser to Help Dog

Astro, the dog, receives a surgical amputation with a laser machine donated by MRP.

Murray, UT, September 23, 2020 --( A Sharplan 1030 laser machine was generously donated to the Humane Society of Utah by Scott Carson, founder and CEO of MedRepPro (MRP) located in Park City, Utah. Astro, a 5-year-old large mixed-breed dog, was the first patient to undergo surgery using this laser to amputate his right foreleg. The medical laser will expand the surgical treatment options that Humane Society of Utah veterinarians can perform on shelter animals.

“The advantage of using a laser during surgery is that it cauterizes as it cuts,” said Dr. Timna Fischbein, Humane Society of Utah shelter veterinarian. “This reduces intraoperative bleeding as well as promotes better healing. Astro is now resting comfortably on pain medication in a foster home, and he’s expected to be available for adoption in a few weeks.”

Astro’s right front paw had been crushed and was infected. The paw was not repairable due to the age and severity of the injury, and Dr. Fischbein’s best option to help Astro was to use the medical laser to do a full leg amputation.

“We’re grateful to receive this advanced technology, which will allow us to help more animals,” said Dr. Fischbein.

CEO Scott Carson wants to improve healthcare. His dream is to get the world’s best technology and services to all who need it - including our furry family members. Because his company has the largest online presence for medical lasers, they offer the highest quality products and services for affordable prices. Since MRP is based in Park City, when Scott learned about the need from a Humane Society of Utah board member, he did not hesitate to help. "The Humane Society of Utah does amazing work for our local community,” said Carson. “The MRP team is happy that we were able to leverage our resources and make a difference by donating a laser to such a great organization.”

Astro was transferred to the Humane Society of Utah from Mexico by the New England Anti-Vivisection Society (NEAVS), a National 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. NEAVS paid to transport Astro and another dog used for lab testing to the Humane Society of Utah and contributed to Astro’s surgical costs.
Humane Society of Utah
Deann Shepherd