IRS-Proof Mileage Log Software and Mileage Tracker App with AI-Based Technology and Intelligent Past Mileage Recovery

Houston, TX, September 28, 2020 --( MileageWise Inc. offers a mileage logging solution with quite a new approach to mileage logging, especially when it comes to past mileage recovery. The company aims to provide a comprehensive solution for real-time mileage tracking (with monitoring-free tracking options) resulting in IRS-proof mileage logs. At the same time they focus on making recovering and reconstructing past, lost, and possible mileage attainable without the help of an accountant or any other big investment. Mileage log reconstruction is a long-awaited gap filler feature on the market, as to this day the task of reconstructing past mileage was a complicated obligation often needing multiple sources, software packages and occasionally the help of tax professionals.

MileageWise has a two platform formula to cover a full service for its users. Their mileage tracker app is for recording daily mileage on the go (equipped with automatic tracking options without continuous GPS tracking for battery and data saving and also for privacy protection), and on the web dashboard at the end of the month finalizing monthly mileage logs takes only 7 minutes a month. The software monitors 70 logical conflicts in mileage logs and the so-called AdWise feature gives a recommendation for lost or possible (but missing) mileage. This AI-based technology stores and applies period compliant legislation and mileage rates while taking into account parameters pre-set by the users. This component ensures that the end-product will meet every expectation. With the trip import function an Excel spreadsheet or MileIQ, Triplog, MileCatcher (and other) reports can be imported into the web dashboard for further perfection.

MileageWise strongly states that the success of a product lies in "concentrating on providing a solution for one highly demanded problem, instead of trying to cram as many features into a product as possible." The software can be particularly useful if the users’ goal is claiming the maximum amount of deduction possible after their business mileage, with mileage logs meeting the requirements of the IRS, even retrospectively. The IRS-proof Guarantee can come in handy in case of unexpected IRS Audits as well.

MileageWise can be a useful tool for small business owners, employers and employees, ride-share drivers, and tax professionals as well. An average of $7,200 in tax deductions per tax year can be claimed when supported with sufficient mileage logs.

And if there’s too much to do in too little time, busy professionals can take advantage of the MileageWise’s additional service, where a MileageWise expert will prepare IRS-proof mileage log for them.
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