Ray and Collins of Elevating My Business Launch New Book "Scared to Raise Your Prices?" The Help You've Been Looking for is Here

Zan Ray and Tom Collins, leading world revenue increasing experts who collectively have over 100 years of experience in the beauty industry, business coaching, finance and salon management, will be launching their new book “Scared to Raise Your Prices” for Pre-Order as of September 29, 2020. Ray and Collins are owners of Elevating My Business, a premier coaching firm, working with clients to establish business systems.

Houston, TX, October 06, 2020 --(PR.com)-- "Scared to Raise Your Prices?" is about the process of raising your beauty service prices in a systematic way that increases the value of the services to your clients and makes you more money. Each chapter of the book, packed with no-nonsense techniques, is immediately applicable to your situation, not only in business but also in your personal life. This book is divided into Three Parts and Your Power of Commitment.

Part I focuses on examining Limiting Beliefs to determine your “Why” for being in business and defines Limiting Beliefs as they affect your business.

Part II deals with raising your service prices, how much, how often, and the possible outcomes.

Part III digs into your business metrics (your numbers) that indicate your business's health and progress.

Your Power of Commitment pulls it all together with the staying power of your increased prices as well as your need to establish and apply successful business habits that will form a sound foundation for continuing business success.

Not only that, but this book also teaches you how to:
- Look at your "Why" and a definition of limiting beliefs;
- Analyze, with work assignments, determine your limiting beliefs, and how to get rid of those that are not serving you;
- Justify raising your service prices and the effect self-worth has on your determination to raise your prices;
- Know how much and how often to raise your service prices;
- Notify your clients of the price increases and handling possible questions about the price increases; and
- Know the importance of your business numbers (metrics), how much extra income you can make, and the value of well managed retail sales.

Ray and Collins are the go-to #PowerCouple teaching their clients and audiences how to empower themselves and their business. Ray and Collins are sought after nationwide to speak at expos, conferences, and online events. The power couple’s mission is to raise the standard of the beauty industry and to elevate hairdressers and salon owners in their businesses.

Ray and Collins have seen and continue to observe the struggle of hairdressers and salon owners in making a living and wanting to prosper in their businesses. “This is why Zan and I are working together,” says Collins. “Our proven-system helps bust through struggles and helps generate more income.” The mission of Elevating My Business is to be the industry standard helping hairdressers and salon owners to make more money, have more time for family vacations, travel, and take advantage of up-to-date education. “When a salon owner is charging what their worth, all segments of the economy will benefit,” says Ray, “when you help a salon owner, you help the entire community.”

Contact Zan Ray and Tom Collins for interviews or to speak at your event. zantom@elevatingmybusiness.com.
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