EU Trade Portal Receives More Than 450 Applications in Its First Week

London, United Kingdom, September 30, 2020 --( Since its launch last week EU Trade Portal have received in excess of 450 member applications; thus highlighting the need for help and assistance to comply with the new Brexit regulations coming into effect on 01/01/2021.

All UK exports will have to make full customs procedures and many controlled goods will need to have additional licenses or additional procedures.

“Leaving the customs union means that instantly it is more difficult for goods to travel. Those with complex supply chains will be hardest hit,” says Chris Slowey of Manfreight N.I., one of the largest freight companies in the UK, “I watch the EU/UK negotiations appalled, preparing avalanches of paperwork post Brexit.”

Chris runs through the certificates and excess paperwork for every trip his 200 lorries will take. He can hardly believe the madness of it. Slowey thinks few companies are ready for the Brexit shock.

These quotes highlight the very urgent need for a clear concise approach to the very real problem of Brexit for all businesses. EU Trade Portal provides a transparent and automated environment for cross-border customs procedures and practices, documentation requirements, freight and transit operations, trade, and transport arrangements.

EU Trade Portal was established to help all businesses from SME to sole traders to complete the customs documentation and necessary registrations to be Brexit ready.

The Trade Portal of European Portals Ltd. will respond to all the information and documentation needs of the business environments in the UK and the European Union regarding the regulation of export/import and transit operations, thus ensuring waiting times at the borders will be kept to the minimum avoiding incomplete, or wrongly filled in forms and declarations – ultimately saving time and money for any business on both sides of the Channel.

In short, by using the Portal, businesses can be assured that all paperwork, required registrations or other necessary documents are completed correctly and ready to go so that trading can continue seamlessly from the beginning to the end user.
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Helen Parker