EU Trade Portal is Border Ready

Users of the EU Trade Portal are able to comply with customs regimes and destinations, declaration of goods, their classification and origin, quotas. - November 25, 2020

European Portals Gives Update on the EU Trade System

The EU Trade Portal is now fully operational and has fine-tuned the technical processes due to the support and involvement of significant numbers of UK trade associations and their respective departments. - November 11, 2020

Brexit - EU Trade Portal Has Launched a Solution for UK Businesses - As Time is Running Out

EU Trade Portal has launched the solution for UK businesses who need help to get ready for Brexit as time is running out. - October 20, 2020

EU Trade Portal Receives More Than 450 Applications in Its First Week

Since its launch last week EU Trade Portal have received in excess of 450 member applications; thus highlighting the need for help and assistance to comply with the new Brexit regulations coming into effect on 01/01/2021. All UK exports will have to make full customs procedures and many controlled... - September 30, 2020

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