EZTRUNK Goes from Concept to Reality

Jeep’s® brand promise: Freedom, Adventure, Authenticity, Passion; now with EZTRUNK, it’s secure.

Waterbury, CT, September 30, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Brian at EZTRUNK® loved the lifestyle and freedom of his Jeep, but is there freedom? When he went to Home Depot, the grocery store, a hike, kayaking, or stopping for a quick bite to eat, he found that he was tied to his backpack filled with documents, computers, cash, and credit cards. Where could he put his stuff when he wanted freedom from his property? That’s when he had his aha moment. Build a trunk, not a box that takes up all the space in your rear cargo area - a folding trunk. For almost two years after that aha moment, he worked on building and perfecting a folding Jeep trunk. 2020 proved to be the beginning of a new adventure. With the EZTRUNK developed and a newly approved patent in hand, they are ready to unveil a product that truly gives you freedom, convenience, and security - EZTRUNK.

January 2019 Wrangler® Sales Set a Third Straight Monthly Record

Another month, another record for Jeep Wrangler Sales - The 13,024 Wranglers sold last month represents the most Wranglers ever sold in January, and it also marks the third straight month in which a monthly Wrangler sales record was set. (FCA US Reports 2019 January Sales)

What better time to bring this patented folding trunk to a market that needs a product that is a convenient and secure way to protect belongings while enjoying the Jeep experience of going topless.

The EZTRUNK is a safe, secure place to lock up valuables with your top up or down.

EZTRUNK lays flat in the Jeep when not in use and opens in seconds to a rock-solid secure locking trunk.

The EZTRUNK is a high strength metal secure locking trunk that folds flat in seconds. Easy access to the Jeep trunk whenever it’s needed - EZTRUNK is never in the way.

- EZTRUNK has almost six cubic feet of secure lockable storage space
- Available for all two and four-door Jeeps from 1997 to 2020
- EZTRUNK has a ten-year structural warranty
- Lays flat, open and locks securely in seconds
- Easy to assemble
- Installs in minutes
- Has rear rubber edge that seals up against the locked tailgate
- Mounting hardware & complete instructions included

To add to the excitement of the launch of the new EZTRUNK products, they are giving away a 2021 Jeep.

Visit the website to enter to win: www.EZTRUNK.com
Robin Sousa