Whole Food Nutrition Launched Eat to Beat Depression Online Program

Victoria, Australia, October 01, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Sal Prothero, founder and owner of Whole Food Nutrition, has launched the Eat to Beat Depression 6 Week Online Program. During the program, clients get practical, simple, achievable steps that give them the confidence to change their diet, eating habits, reduce cravings and reduce stress. Each week focuses on modifying only one meal and teaches one module in the form of videos, PDF worksheets, online teaching and recipes. An extra bonus is weekly online support from Sal so clients are not on their own.

The program composes of:
-5 easy to follow learning modules
-Downloadable PDF worksheets, recipes, videos and online content.
-Quick and easy recipes and meal ideas for restoring gut microbiome and reducing depression.
-Simple, practical information and tips
-Weekly email support for accountability

For further details, you may visit: https://mailchi.mp/ea0c82d3deb8/eat-to-beat-depression

Don’t forget to insert ETBD50 at the checkout to enjoy the COVID 50% discount.

About Sal Prothero
Sal Prothero is a Clinical Nutritionist, author, presenter and founder of Whole Food Nutrition. She is passionate about whole food and mental health.

Sal knows what it’s like to have anxiety and depression. When Sal was younger, mental health wasn’t spoken about so she didn’t even realise she was anxious and depressed. She used to crave sugar and refined carbohydrates and couldn’t imagine her life without them. Something had to change so she slowly cut back on the unhealthy foods and started eating a whole food diet. This was the start of her journey, along with nutritional supplements, functional medicine testing, self-care and self-development.


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