Premiere Executive Protection Company Offers Drone Services to Fight COVID-19

WPG Offers Drone Services to Assist with COVID-19 Efforts

Beverly Hills, CA, September 30, 2020 --( The World Protection Group, a leading executive protection and drone company, has stepped forward to assist with COVID-19 efforts through expert drone technology. With many cities in the United States facing extended periods of lockdown, residents are left unable to complete necessary tasks and errands, such as picking up important groceries and household items.

Research has shown that drones may begin to play an important role in virus detection and mitigation without putting essential workers at risk in a hospital or test center facility.

Innovation is the way forward for drone-implemented solutions. Delivery via drones will become increasingly common and necessary while COVID-19 affects daily life.

As you may know, social distancing is the best way that we can work together to come out on top of this virus with minimal losses. Drones can be used to keep people inside or away from public gathering areas such as parks and beaches. Drones can also be used to support police, fire department and disaster response as well as support emergency responders in need when natural disasters occur.

Enabling access to these vital items will allow communities to survive and thrive during the difficult times that still lie ahead.

New technology suggests that WPG drones may be able to carry out temperature checks via state-of-the-art temperature sensors and computer vision, which has been tested by the University of South Australia and Dragonfly Inc. This could play an important role in locating COVID-19 hotspots and quickly relaying the information to local governments and communities.

Public service announcements may also be carried out via drone audio functions. As not all members of the public have access to news outlets, this can create problems for the dissemination of information.

The drones used by WPG may play a useful role in broadcasting essential government or state-wide information regarding COVID-19 measures, and may include new quarantine restrictions or curfews, as well as necessary daily reminders such as when and where it is required to wear a mask.

It has also been seen in China that drones are useful for aerial spray and disinfection services. Without putting workers’ health at risk, WPG’s drone services can cover immense ground space while spraying disinfectants to improve public health and safety. This has the potential to decrease the spread of COVID-19 through respiratory droplets which have landed on surfaces used by the public.

Alongside these COVID-19-focused services, WPG also offers executive protection with drone integration. With fully qualified and trained FAA commercially-licensed remote drone pilots, security and comfort are possible through WPG services.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Beverly Hills, The World Protection Group offers full-service international security. WPG is the only US-based security company with two FAA waivers: one to fly over the top of people and the other to fly operations at night. WPG has security trained pilots and an extensive fleet of DJI Drones. Pilots are required to have FEMA 100, 200 and 300 training so they know what to do when emergencies and natural disasters occur and fit into the FEMA system.

The World Protection Group works proactively to implement preventative measures and ensure full protection. With a largely executive clientele, extending WPG’s services to help fight COVID-19 demonstrates a strong commitment to the public and local communities.

Kent Moyer
The World Protection Group, Inc.
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