InfoDepot Supports Teachers: Everyone Can Become an Infopreneur Today

InfoDepot celebrates World Teachers’ Day by supporting teachers in the time of crisis reminding us that there are no limits or restrictions over what a person can teach.

New York, NY, October 05, 2020 --( Online learning is becoming increasingly sought after, especially during this period of uncertainty where learners are permitted to explore anything that interests them. The Distance Education Enrollment Report revealed that over 6 million students are enrolled in virtual education. This high demand means it is likely that teachers can earn a reasonable wage from becoming online tutors and teachers live off their creative work.

Teachers are wanted all around the internet and they need support.

Online teaching is becoming increasingly popular, with 64% of survey participants currently tutoring online. A further 11% claim that although they do not currently teach online, they have plans to start in the future.

Janine Dorsett, the founder of InfoDepot, says that anyone who is talented and wants to earn more by helping students transform their lives is today able to become an online tutor or a teacher.

“With everything happening in the world nowadays, when a lot of people are facing struggles to earn a steady income, it is a good thing that video platforms have decided to help anyone who has a knack for teaching. So, the sooner you register and start teaching, the more classes you will be able to sell – which will lead to you earning more,” says Dorsett.

Dorsett reminds that there are video platforms welcoming anyone with a special hobby as well as those who are experienced, online teachers.

“You don’t have to be a professional online teacher that has a ton of experience. You can be a stay at home mom that loves crafts or a college bilingual student that wants to tutor people who want to learn another language,” explains Dorsett.

To celebrate World Teachers’ Day and motivate all creative and inspiring teachers to share knowledge and skills, InfoDepot is extending a special fee-free promotion until 2021. During this period, teachers will not have any expenses for offering and promoting their tutorials and video courses on the platform. There will be no commission fees or website fees and everything that teachers earn by selling their classes will be theirs to take without any hidden fees to think about.

InfoDepot is a new platform for online teaching. It is created as a tool dedicated to anyone who wants to teach or learn something new every day – regardless of their age. So no matter how young or old teachers or students are, InfoDepot is the perfect platform if they wish to invest in themselves in the long run.
Janine Dorsett
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