Qliktag Platform Releases NFC Authentication & Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions Support Feature

Newport Beach, CA, October 07, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Qliktag Software Inc., a leading software innovator in the IoT smart connected products segment, has announced direct support for dynamic secure NFC tags for authentication and anti-counterfeit solutions. The company has released today version 3.1.1 of the Qliktag Platform - a cloud based IoT connected smart products platform for enabling trust in everyday consumer products.

As part of the new features of this latest release, Qliktag Software has announced users of the platform will now be able to configure customized product authentication and anti-counterfeiting solutions with the platform using the highly robust NXP NTAG 424 DNA Secure NFC Tags and HID Trusted Tag® a trusted tag NFC technology by HID Global. With the introduction of this new feature, manufacturers and brands will be able to acquire these highly specialized NFC tags directly from vendors, configure and register the tagged items with the Qliktag Platform and design authentication digital interactions using the Qliktag Platform to deploy a highly robust product authentication technology solution for their products.

“Having been in the smart products technology space for several years, we’ve looked closely at several authentication & anti counterfeit solutions. All of them have some value in combating counterfeiting but they also presented a weakness or flaw that can be exploited by counterfeiters. However, the technology offered by the NXP 424 DNA NFC tags and the HID Trusted Tags are the most reliable, robust and impossible to replicate technology that we’ve come across till date,” comments Neil Sequeira, Director of Product Management & Marketing at Qliktag Software Inc. “That’s what convinced us to develop direct support for these technologies within our platform for anyone looking to enable trust in their products through these really innovative NFC tags,” Neil adds.

“What is unique about these specific NFC tags is they generate a new dynamic random code or ID every time they are tapped with a smartphone and this dynamically generated code can be encrypted and authenticated with a special service much like an electronic key fob device used for online banking and generates a one-time passcode,” comments Dilip Daswani, CEO of Qliktag Software Inc. “The tagged items can also be serialized and registered within the Qliktag Platform to additionally check the item and tag has been registered together making it a highly secure authentication technology that’s impossible to copy. Ultimately, our platform is about enabling trust between the brand and the consumer through the products,” says Dilip.

As smart packaging and printed electronics technologies such as NFC tags continue to evolve rapidly, the hardware costs and prices for such technologies have decreased making them viable solutions to combat issues such as counterfeiting which are causing billions of dollars in lost revenues and result in loss of consumer trust. With this newly launched direct support for secure NFC tags, the Qliktag Platform aims to simplify configuration of large scale solutions that can be integrated with packaging & factory floor system and leverage these technologies to combat the issue of counterfeiting enabling greater trust in the products consumers purchase.
Qliktag Software Inc.
Neil Sequeira