The MACK Group, LLC Completes Large Asbestos Removal and Abatement Project in New Jersey

The MACK Group, LLC, a premier asbestos removal contractor also offering the abatement of mold, lead, biological and chemicals, recently completed a large, multi-tasked asbestos abatement project. The project was performed for a Fortune 500 company at one of their manufacturing plants in New Jersey.

Cherry Hill, NJ, April 25, 2008 --( Prior to asbestos abatement activities, a 10 day notification was submitted which is a written notification of intention to demolish in accordance with 40 CFR 61.145 to 61.155 and N.J.A.C. 7:26-2.12(d) and (e). All utilities were also disconnected.

The MACK Group, LLC (MACK) was contracted to remove and abate various asbestos containing materials (ACM). The project conformed to all OSHA and EPA regulations pertaining to ACM and only NJ licensed asbestos abatement workers performed the asbestos removal work. Estimated quantities of ACM removed were 350,000 sf of tile and mastic, 40,000 sf of ceiling tile, 100ft of pipe, 915 pipe elbows and 500 sf of tank insulation.

To remove the tile and mastic, MACK used a combination of proprietary flooring removal ride on machines and shot blaster machines that they own in their fleet of abatement equipment. These machines allowed MACK to easily remove the tile and mastic down to the original concrete floor surface.

The other ACM was abated by using proper asbestos wetting, removal and handling techniques to safely remove the materials. MACK used various techniques to remove the asbestos materials including wetting of all friable ACM and bagging the ACM using poly-wrapping. Also utilized was the wetting and direct placement in lined (at least 6 mil thick liner) and sealed bulk containers.

The transportation of asbestos and ACM was in accordance with N.J.A.C. 7:26-3.5(d) and by registered New Jersey solid waste vehicles. ACM was then properly disposed at a licensed landfill.

Finally, all required OSHA air monitoring, notifications, and all required TEM third party final air testing was conducted.

The project was completed in 8 weeks without incident or injury.

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