Meet i2i: Building a Human Connection Online

Avatar Based Virtual Meetings and Event Startup Meet i2i Promises a More Human Way to Connect Online

Oakland, CA, October 09, 2020 --( Meet i2i, a virtual meetings and events platform, today launched the best way to connect, meet and collaborate online. At the heart of the Meet i2i platform is their proprietary “See Eye-to-Eye” feature which through patent pending technology allows users to re-create a genuine human connection online, through direct eye contact and spatial video connection.

The Meet i2i platform is an immersive experience that can be utilized in e-learning, remote offices, ecommerce and entertainment. In fact, there is nothing one can do in the real world, that can’t be done inside the Meet i2i platform, except physically touch someone. "Meet i2i allows users the ability to interact in a customizable 2D avatar based virtual environment," said Carol Ochoa, Executive Assistant to President & CEO Peter Imburg, Elfster. “We had a team meeting in i2i recently and it was amazing!"

The Meet i2i platform allows users to interact, build, and grow with their communities from anywhere in the world with just a click of a button. Their See Eye-2-Eye and Spatial Distancing features allow users inside of the platform to interact in a group of up to 10,000 or if need be "walk off" and interact one-on-one without having to leave the platform. Ochoa continued, “We especially liked the breakout sessions, you just walk your avatar away with another member of your team and you have privacy and are unable to hear any of the other breakouts happening. We have just started getting to know what the site has to offer, but so far have been very impressed with it.”
Meet i2i
Austin Abhay