Greenshine New Energy Eliminates High Lighting Costs for SkyBlue Mesa Elementary School

The solar lighting corporation helped the elementary school secure a cost-effective, green energy set of lights.

Lake Forest, CA, October 11, 2020 --( Sometimes projects solve multiple problems at once and even go beyond the scope of what they were originally intended to solve. That’s the case with Greenshine New Energy’s lighting project for the SkyBlue Mesa Elementary school. The Greenshine Lumina light systems were used in a couple different areas on the school grounds. The elementary school staff was extremely pleased with the lights purchased since they were perfect for the school parking lot and adjacent playground areas.

“The Lumina systems used on the SkyBlue Mesa Elementary School grounds completed multiple objectives,” said Doug Suhi, regional sales manager. “They enhanced the safety and aesthetic of the parking lot and playground, while also achieving renewable energy initiatives all at a lower-than-expected project cost.” Projects like these are exemplary for Greenshine since they solve multiple problems at once and sometimes more problems than expected.

At a time when green energy initiatives are crucial to addressing the problems of global warming and skyrocketing costs of energy, Greenshine is proud to be the industry leader in environmentally-friendly outdoor lighting solutions that save customers money. Greenshine looks forward to helping new and established customers meet their lighting needs with fewer energy bills, less hassle, and more smiles.

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Greenshine New Energy is a leader in solar lighting technology that specializes in developing and manufacturing customized solar outdoor LED lighting systems for a wide range of lighting applications. Our solar LED light systems are installed in over 5000 locations around the world and we provide solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial projects.

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Linda Lee