Author Carol E. Ayer Announces the Release of Peppermint Cream Die, the First Book in The HSP Mysteries

Author and HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) Carol E. Ayer announces the release of Peppermint Cream Die, the first book in her cozy mystery series, The HSP Mysteries.

Vacaville, CA, October 15, 2020 --( Peppermint Cream Die, the first book in The HSP Mysteries by Carol E. Ayer, is now available at all major online retailers.

As an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), 35-year-old Kayla Jeffries is an expert at maintaining a balanced life with the minimum of sensory overload. She lives in a peaceful community near the Pacific Ocean, where she indulges her creative streak with her home baking business. Most stress is kept at bay—that is, until she finds out her good friend, 89-year-old Trudy Dillingham, has been strangled.

Kayla’s best friend, Isabella Valera, is dating a police detective assigned to the case. When Isabella passes along the information that the police don’t have any leads, Kayla conquers her natural tendency to avoid stress and overstimulation by embarking on a few investigations of her own to solve Trudy’s murder.

Soon Kayla is traveling out of her preferred stress-free state more often than not. A new boyfriend, three pets, non-stop orders for the upcoming holidays, and then a second deadly attack keep her hopping.

As Christmas comes and goes, Kayla gets closer to solving the two murders. Along the way, she’s dismayed when more and more secrets about Trudy are revealed. Her friend clearly wasn’t the knitting-loving, Scrabble-playing grandmother figure Kayla believed her to be.

When Isabella goes missing on New Year’s Eve, Kayla is certain the murderer has kidnapped her. Using her HSP superpowers of noticing the smallest of details and ability to read other people’s emotions, Kayla saves her best friend and helps apprehend the killer.

The HSP Mysteries are published by Camel Press. Author Carol E. Ayer is a Highly Sensitive Person.
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