StarLightMedia Jointly with Adtelligent Implements Adblock Recovery technology

StarLightMedia Group jointly with Adtelligent Company has launched a new technology “Adblock Recovery” that identifies ad blockers and based on new algorithms suppresses their performance.

Dover, DE, October 16, 2020 --( StarLightMedia Group jointly with Adtelligent Company has launched a new technology “Adblock Recovery” that identifies ad blockers and based on new algorithms suppresses their performance.

The technology is aimed to help advertisers hit their target audience previously unachievable. It regularly updates approaches to the identification of ad blockers and successfully overcomes them.

“This product fosters transparent relationships between us, users, and advertisers. We invest into the production of the content, provide access to it for free, and return the costs from the advertisement. This is how we reinvest the funds into higher quality and a wider range of the content,” said Mykola Feingold, Director of the PayTV & Digital StarLight Media Division.

In partnership with StarLightMedia, the Adtelligent team has been for 4 years developing and testing customized innovative technologies to be further implemented by the media group in the market of online advertisement.

“The new product has once again proved the innovative leading position of PayTV & Digital in the Ukrainian market of Internet advertisement. We believe there will be great interest among advertisers to the product as it offers unique contacts which are hard to reach in the Ukrainian segment of Internet,” said Svitlana Mohylevska, CIO of the PayTV & Digital StarLight Media Division.

Cooperation of the companies has already resulted in dozens of innovative media market solutions successfully introduced to the Ukrainian market and highly demanded in the Western countries.

“We are excited to know there is such a big business in Ukraine so eager to develop new technologies. This is not the first time that we have partnered to solve such complicated tasks and sustain our innovative leading positions in the market, which then has grown into a huge success in Europe and the USA,” commented Yurii Gorokhov, Adtelligent Inc. CTO.

StarLightMedia is one of the biggest media groups in Ukraine that combines Ukrainian companies that produce and distribute TV and digital content for TV broadcasting and digital platform. Almost 98% of Ukraine’s population watches the StarLightMedia products through traditional and special purpose channels.

StarLightMedia comprises ICTV, ICTV Ukraine, STB, Novy, M1, M2, and Oce!. In March 2020, ICTV Ukraine international channel has been launched to target Ukrainian diasporas and Ukrainian citizens who reside abroad.

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