NANOBOOK 3.0: The New Indestructible Notepad

NANOBOOK 3.0 is the new addition to the water-proof, fire-resistant, write-anywhere titanium NANOBOOK notepad family.

London, United Kingdom, October 19, 2020 --( Made from Grade 5 titanium and updated with an exciting new limited edition look, the rugged, eye-catching design was created to mirror the surface of the moon, complete with the same extra-terrestrial look, and durability that’s out of this world. Practically indestructible, the new NANOBOOK 3.0 takes one small step, and one giant leap, with the Meteor Crater Edition.

“We wanted to create a product that you can carry and write on, wherever you are, that’s strong enough to handle anything daily life can throw at it - and then some,” said Kelly, PLEI Design.

While the crush- and cut-proof outer titanium cover provides a robust shell, the inner tech is what really makes the NANOBOOK 3.0 stand out. Made from fire-resistant and waterproof stone paper, this is a notebook that you can use in any situation, and write on with any sharp object.

“Stone paper is a revolutionary new idea whose composition is owed more to stone than organic material,” explains Kelly. “Because we don’t use paper, the production process creates a product that’s 100% tree-free, water-free, acid-free, bleach-free, and produces zero waste.”

Made from stone and calcium carbonate, when blended together in the right way creates a paper-like product that’s many times stronger than the regular type.

And no pen? No problem. You can use any edged item to write on it: stone, your keys, a stick, even the end of your shoelace.

NANOBOOK is small enough that you can easily hold it in one hand, which means it can be used in any situation. It can cope with all kinds of writing outdoors, even when you don’t have access to a table or a stable surface to write on.

So if you’re looking to take one giant leap in your compact notepad tech, NANOBOOK 3.0 is it.

NANOBOOK 3.0 is available for funding through Kickstarter from Oct. 13, 2020. Backing closes on Dec. 11, 2020. Their aim is to begin shipping in March 2021.

About PLEI Design

PLEI Design is a small team with a huge passion for designing new and creative products. Their goal is to create fresh new takes on everyday items, and make normal daily life simple - and exciting.

They have successfully launched six previous products over Kickstarter. Their most recent product, NANOBOOK 2.0, received £43,451 in funding, with 824 backers funding 2,000 notepads.

With NANOBOOK 3.0, their goal was to create a fresh take on their favorite design, using some of the ideas suggested to them by their loyal fanbase.

For more information and full specifications go to the official Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign page
PLEI Design
Kelly Chen