Encryption Software ArchiCrypt Live 5 Encrypts Secret Data on Computers, USB Sticks or Other Storage Devices

The popular German encryption tool ArchiCrypt Live 5 (Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista) is now available in English. ArchiCrypt Live 5 uses real-time encryption to encrypt and password protect sensitive data. It encrypts all types of files. Pictures, mp3 files, office documents and all other files can be safeguarded on computers, USB sticks, or any other storage device.

Munich, Germany, April 25, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Exklamate Software, official distributor for ArchiCrypt Live (English), is proud to announce the first release of ArchiCrypt Live 5 (English).

The encryption software ArchiCrypt Live was designed to safeguard secret data and privacy. It encrypts and password protects secret files on PC, laptop or any other storage device. ArchiCrypt Live also encrypts entire partitions. The data is then safely stored in ArchiCrypt Live volumes. That way only the user with the correct key will be able to access the confidential data.

ArchiCrypt Live Volumes can hold all kinds of data, pictures, mp3 files, office documents or any other files. Files in a volume can be accessed like on a normal hard disk once the volume is opened.

ArchiCrypt Live is easy to use, yet it provides state-of-the-art protection. Files can be encrypted using either Blowfish or the AES 256 bit algorithm. Access to files can be protected using passwords, keyfiles and the ArchiCrypt Card (a specially designed SmartCard).

Encrypted data can be hidden in camouflage-files. Camouflage-files hide a volume holding secret data inside of any inconspicuous, normal file. A regular user will only see the normal file (and its content), but not the secret volume. Those files can be fully functional video or picture files or even application files.

For extra security users can create secret-containers using the principle of plausible deniability. A secret-container is an area within an ArchiCrypt volume that can only be accessed with a special key. Basically a secret-container is an invisible safe inside of another safe. Should a user be forced to reveal a password, one key can be revealed to decrypt non-secret information from the outer safe. The existence of more keys can be denied. The data in the secret-container remains invisible.

ArchiCrypt integrates public key infrastructure (PKI) procedures for secure exchange of data. Mobile data safes can be used to transport secret data and access the data on any other PC. Mobile data safes contain secret data and an application that can open the encrypted files.

The trial version of ArchiCrypt Live is available at http://www.archicrypt.org. The full version costs US $49.95 and can be purchased from the company's online shop at http://www.archicrypt.org/shop.

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