Crave Technology Launches to Provide Virtual Event Production Services

Middletown, NJ, October 21, 2020 --( The way we do business changed in 2020 when the corona virus pandemic surged across the world. Crave Technology, a New York-based company with 25+ years in the live event production services and audio video integration industries, launched to help people usher in a new era of remote work.

Crave Technology provides hybrid and virtual event production services to corporations, nonprofits, and industry organizations seeking to stay connected in a world of social distancing.

Turnkey Virtual Event Production Services

Crave Technology offers turnkey virtual event production services for industry leaders, corporations, and nonprofits, providing all the tools they need to present engaging content and facilitate a seamless attendee experience.

From custom website landing pages to promote an event to turnkey technology service and support, Crave Technology handles every aspect of hybrid and virtual event production services. Event hosts can focus on sharing their organization’s message effectively and connecting with event attendees on a deeper level.

Benefits of Virtual Events

More companies today than ever use virtual event production services to replace or supplement in person:

Business meetings
Shareholder meetings
Trade shows
Product launches
Industry conferences
Awareness campaigns

Virtual event production services offer several advantages over live events, including:

Reduced travel costs
Enhanced efficiency
Increased accessibility and visibility
Enhanced creativity with fewer physical constraints

From the Stage to Live streaming

The experts at Crave have backgrounds that span from audio video design and integration to live event production for some of the world’s most renowned venues. Taking their expertise in live event management into a virtual world requires technical know-how, workflow management skills, and the agility to adapt to any situation in a fast-paced environment.

“In every aspect of my work, I leverage technology to elevate engagement. I want Crave customers to be able to focus on the experience – not the interface. From marketing materials to turnkey service and support, Crave offers everything businesses and organizations need to host a successful virtual event,” says Crave Founder and President Jonathan Joyce.

About crAVe

crAVe Technology is a turnkey virtual event production services provider offering hybrid and virtual event production for corporations, industry organizations, and not-for-profits. With 25+ years of experience in live event production services and audio video integration, Crave leverages state-of-the-art technology to create a seamless, engaging user experience that helps people feel more connected.
Jonathan Joyce