Rick Foxx, CEO of Florida’s Reverse Mortgage Center Releases New Book: "Reverse Mortgages Made Simple"

Tampa, FL, October 21, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Earlier this morning, Rick Foxx, CEO of Florida’s Reverse Mortgage Center, announced the release of his third book: "Reverse Mortgages Made Simple: Your guide to the NEW Reverse Mortgage and Retirement Security - Shattering the Myths, Misconceptions and Confusion about Reverse Mortgages!"

Promising to bring clarity and knowledge to what is often a confusing subject, "Reverse Mortgages Made Simple" distills all the information and dispels the myths surrounding reverse mortgages in a way that anyone can understand with ease.

Mr. Foxx had this to say:

“A constant refrain I hear is how overwhelming the product and process seems to be when someone is starting out their research into reverse mortgages. There is just SO much information out there. And, hey, much of it is good, some of it is great, but the common theme seemed to be the information was flying over folk’s heads. I wanted to help make reverse mortgages easier to understand.”

A reverse mortgage is a government sponsored loan type that is available to homeowners who are 62 years or older. It allows you to convert the equity in your home into tax-free cash that does not require a mortgage payment (Homeowners must remain current on property taxes, homeowners association dues and insurance). Mr. Foxx covers a lot of reverse mortgage ground in the book: discussing the programs, explaining the process and what to expect, dispelling common misconceptions and myths, and doing it in a way to really help the reader judge for themselves if this type of financial program is right for them.

“I wrote the book in the simplest, most everyday terms possible, with plenty of real world examples to help it all make sense. It’s clear, concise, and straight to the point... isn’t that what everyone wants? It’s a great introduction into the field of Reverse Mortgages and my team and I are always available to talk and answer questions or discuss scenarios. You can go right to www.FLRMC.net right now too. Our website is easy to navigate with tons of information; you can even see how much you qualify for with our Reverse Calculator,” he goes on to say.

Reverse Mortgages have been all over the news as of late, with interest in Reverse Mortgage Refinances and Reverse Purchase Mortgages (both covered in the book) at an all-time high. Local and trusted, Florida’s Reverse Mortgage Center are licensed experts who help seniors access tax-free cash quickly & confidentially, even if they have poor credit or income issues. Over 25 years in the business, CEO Rick Foxx leveraged his experience and direct knowledge to create this first-class company, and to write his first-class book, "Reverse Mortgages Made Simple."

Mr. Foxx concluded:

"My hope is we can reach seniors in our great state of Florida and get them the Reverse Mortgage information they are clamoring for in a format they are comfortable with."

Learn more about Florida's Reverse Mortgage Center at www.FLRMC.net or by calling 727-388-5235.

Rick Foxx is the founder of the Foxx family of companies, including Foxx & Associates Real Estate, Foxx & Associates Mortgage and Florida's Reverse Mortgage Center. He has been an active Real Estate & Mortgage Broker for 25 years.

Reverse Mortgages Made Simple is available digitally and in paperback form.

Jonathan Five