Jatheon Technologies Inc. Announces Updates to Its Cloud Email Archiving Platform

Toronto, Canada, October 28, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Jatheon Technologies, a Toronto-based company specializing in enterprise information archiving, compliance and ediscovery has announced another feature update of their flagship email archiving product, Jatheon Cloud.

The newly-added features include timezones, which will help administrators to use the software and manage data flow more easily. The audit and domains sections have also been improved, but the biggest update comes in the form of Cases – a handy ediscovery feature that lets compliance officers and other legal personnel group items into legal cases for easier organization and management.

Jelena Popovic, who’s overseeing the Jatheon Cloud product development, explained the new feature in more detail: “Once an organization anticipates litigation or when there are internal investigations happening, legal and compliance teams need to be able to apply legal hold quickly and prevent any deletions of company email. When the legal process starts, there might be several searches happening at once. It’s crucial that compliance managers can establish control of the ediscovery process early on. Being able to group keywords, searches and audit logs into cases, leave notes, collaborate and track the case status will let them do precisely that.”

Jeff Marlow, VP Business Development at Jatheon is pleased with the recent update: “Ever since the product was launched in 2018, Jatheon has been working continuously on improving the feature set and the overall look and feel of the platform. This update has made it easier for compliance officers to collaborate on an ediscovery case and manage their legal cases more efficiently. I can say with confidence that, with this update, we now have a rock solid email compliance and ediscovery software for the large-scale archiving of enterprise communication data.”

About Jatheon
Jatheon Technologies Inc. was founded in 2004 to empower companies in their efforts to ensure email compliance, facilitate eDiscovery, improve email management and alleviate storage issues.

Today, Jatheon is a leader in the archiving industry, with 6+ billion processed messages and unique on-premise and cloud archiving solutions. The company continues to raise the bar throughout the industry with the latest enterprise-grade cCore archiving appliances, a powerful archiving, retrieval and dynamic monitoring software and best-in class tech support, Jatheon Care. In 2017, Jatheon designed Jatheon CTRL ‒ a social media, mobile and IM archiving add-on that smoothly integrates with the company’s proprietary email archiving software. In 2018, the company launched Jatheon Cloud – the next-generation cloud email archiving solution best suitable for small and medium-sized organizations. In 2019, Jatheon launched Jatheon Archive, an email archiving and management mobile app that supports both Jatheon cCore and Jatheon Cloud.
Jatheon Technologies Inc.
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