MSI Press' New Release: Harnessing the Power of Grief

In Julie Potter's newest release, "Harnessing the Power of Grief," the MSI Press author provides an invaluable resource for anyone struggling to find their new normal after a life changing loss.

Hollister, CA, October 28, 2020 --( Grief, once encountered, never completely goes away. It can appear again and again, whether it has been ten days or ten years.

When you lose someone, it changes you. Your sense of self is challenged, and you may need to find a new sense of meaning in your loss and in your pain.

Throughout the pages of this book, you will find a wealth of knowledge. Pulling from years of past and current research, this book is uniquely tailored to the complex, ever evolving needs of someone experiencing grief, discussing:

- Tools and techniques for coping with grief and the innumerable emotions it can bring up.
- The history of grief in Western culture. How grief has been understood and how our individualistic culture impacts our experience of grief.
- William Worden’s Tasks of Grief, teaching techniques to take actionable steps, at your own pace, through grief, and find meaning and control within the process.
- Sudden and ambiguous loss, offering insight into the unique emotional turmoil of each.
- Quick tips and reassurances for those moments when you need just a few words of comfort to get through the day.

This book is a must have for the home library. Grief doesn’t have a straightforward beginning, middle and end and this guide reflects that. It is not a book meant to be read cover to cover and then left behind, but rather a tool to be picked up and explored as needed throughout your lifetime after loss.
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Betty Leaver