Lauren Turton Releases Soul Career Clarity on October 29th, 2020

San Diego, CA, October 28, 2020 --( Soul Career Clarity is for women who feel stuck or overwhelmed in their current career reality & want to breakthrough to their next level of success.

In the Soul Career Clarity book, #1 best selling author, public speaker, entrepreneur, and “give back” advocate Lauren Turton serves up an 8 Step Formula that will help you dial into what your calling in life is and leverage that to elevate your career. Also included in the book are inspiring stories, sage advice, and exercises, helping you to:

• Clear anything blocking your mindset for the breakthrough you crave and reprogram your thinking so you can access your full potential.

• Identify where your limiting beliefs Come from and how to overcome them.

• Tap Into Your Life’s Purpose so you can use that as your driving force to take you to the next level.

• Envision Your Biggest Dreams & Goals so you can manifest them into being.

• Dial into what your current reality is and analyze what is working and what needs to be optimized.

• Create a detailed action plan to turn your biggest dreams and goals into your reality.

• Begin to take action on the plan you’ve created so you can live the life you desire and deserve.

The book will be available to purchase on October 29th, purchase at:

Lauren Turton is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur whose purpose in life is to give back and serve others. Her passion for working with women stems from her deep desire to empower other women so they can achieve their dreams and goals and live the life they desire and deserve. She believes that when women are working from their soul’s calling that Earth will shift to be a healthier and happier place, and the effect will be immensely healing for the planet and all who call it home.
Lauren Turton